Author Topic: It's not too late to take a BIG position in the future of money!  (Read 4897 times)


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Most cryptocurrency advocates believe Bitcoin will make not only a splash, but a big splash in the global monetary system. There are only 21 million coins but billions of people. It doesn't take complex math to figure each coin could have a very high price in dollar value. It has been over ten years (ten!) since Bitcoin was first released. Never let it be said those who got rich from being in early were a fortunate few. There have been many dips and full bear markets in that time span.

Adding to all this is something unprecedented. Due to a fluke and decentralized governance, the original Bitcoin project (BTC) has gone off the rails! It has now been crippled from its original plan and potential to be used as peer to peer cash by a sizable portion of the world.

Thankfully Bitcoin Cash has taken over right where the project left off. This creates an unprecedented opportunity, because the price point for Bitcoin Cash is still in the low $100s. We've seen BTC reach tens of thousands of dollars already. Put two and two together and realize what kind of opportunity exists.
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Glad to be a part of this awesome community!
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Thanks for setting up this awesome resource! Happy to be a part of it.